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Find Out More About our Commercial Cleaning

At strip and wax cleaning services, we offer TouchPoint cleaning alternatives to meet our customer's needs. In addition to these options, we also have a wide range of services to meet specific requests and offer customers flexibility. Whether it's commercial or residential cleaning, we have the tools and experience necessary to provide exceptional service designed to keep spaces safe, vibrant, and ready to use. To learn more about our background or the range of options we currently offer, feel free to browse the website. Our contact information is listed on the home page. Potential customers can use the same contact information found on the homepage for any mulling questions or commence scheduling services.

Business owners and managers in the area in need of commercial cleaning can count on Strip & Wax Cleaning Services to meet their current and future goals. We have a full team of experienced professionals who can provide top-quality services using the best products and tools available. Each of our team members is specially trained to offer excellent results and specialize in a myriad of areas, including compressive COVID-19 disinfection. In addition, we offer 24-hour commercial services to assist companies with their daily operations so employees and customers alike can enjoy a safe and clean environment. To team up with our company, book us directly through our website or use the contact information provided to reach out to us for answers to questions and obtain more details about our packages and prices. We look forward to working with businesses in the area to have peace of mind knowing their space is clean and ready to use!

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