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Floor Buffing Solutions

Residents in the area looking for a reliable company to buff floors can count on Strip & Wax Cleaning Services to provide fast and friendly services. We are a company that strives to provide the necessary cleaning solutions for businesses. We ensure that businesses maintain and enhance their image for their day-to-day operations. Not only do we offer floor buffing, but we also offer additional services, including residential cleaning. To learn about the scope of services we offer in the area, please feel free to browse the website. To begin services with our company or ask questions related to our solutions, please use the contact button on the homepage. We look forward to offering reliable and friendly cleaning that makes staying tidy and looking great easier than ever. Schedule commercial or residential cleaning today and see how we can make a difference.

People who need to get reliable and comprehensive cleaning services can rely on Strip & Wax Cleaning Services to provide them with the range of options they need. Not only can we strip and wax floors, but we can also offer a full range of cleaning choices for residential and commercial customers. We have a team of experts who strive to provide exceptional results that help keep spaces looking great, easier than ever. From COVID-19 disinfection to cleaning surfaces, we do it all. Reach out to us today by using the contact button on the homepage and provide us with details about a prospective job or any questions regarding your needs. We look forward to providing the residents and businesses of the area with high-quality and reliable services that keep them looking great!

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